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15 - 28 September 2014, Tullamore, IRL
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Past Exhibition:

at Catalyst Arts Gallery, Belfast
Opening August 7th.

Catalyst Arts Gallery

**** EXTENDED UNTIL JULY 20th ****
'Confluence' 14.06. – 22.06.2014

Zwitschermaschine, Potsdammer-Straße, 161, Berlin,
Opening Hours: Thursday - Sunday 3pm - 7pm

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'Spirit of the Stairs' 22.05. – 11.06.2014
Basic Space, Marrowbone Lane, Dublin 8.

The Spirit of the Stairs is a group exhibition in Basic Space, opening on May 22. This exhibition is the result of a process of critique among a group of artists working in Basic Space, the mode of which has progressed over time from theoretical discussion among the artists to physical intervention in one another's works. This material dimension raises the stakes of the exchange, changing its character from flirtation to love affair. The exhibition is constructed through connections, corrections, elaborations and accommodations.
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